Sprite Aviation are proud to be appointed the sole UK distributor for the sensational new Merlin. This all metal masterpiece sets a completely new standard for SSDR. The Merlin is unique in being the first fast, cross country capable and comfortable aircraft to be offered in the deregulated category. The reliable Rotax or HKS engine provides ample power for high speed cruising or short take offs. The twin metal wing tanks will give you plenty of range. Large metal wheels and hydraulic disc brakes will cope with the less than perfect airstrip. The cabin heat and windscreen demister combined with the roomy cabin will make every trip a pleasure. The instrument panel can be configured glass or analogue as you wish with plenty of room for your favourite GPS, radio and transponder. You can even have the new TruTrak Eco  autopilot and still stay within the weight limits. Don’t take our word for it. Read the flight tests.

Flight tests


First 4 UK Merlins in production

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