Sauer S2200UL and S2400UL


The Sauer S2200UL and S2400UL are now LAA approved in the UK. This motor has a good reputation for rugged reliability and being very economical to operate. The dual ignition is provided by one slick magneto (with impulse coupling able to be hand started) and one electronic magneto giving the perfect combination. The electrical system is powered by a 200 watt alternator. Spark plugs and oil/oil filters are commercially available to keep down cost. If you have not experienced a direct drive motor before, you will be astounded at the quiet, smooth cruise. The Sauer installation is without doubt the most economical of the Trail engine options. Most parts miscellaneous parts available from automotive suppliers at a fraction of dedicated aircraft parts.

These low revving motors will deliver between 85hp and 95hp, burn 12 litres of avgas or mogas an hour with a 1500 hour TBO. It has a heated manifold to combat carburettor icing. The initial low cost adds to the overall economy. Just to top it all, listen to that glorious sound. Just like a proper engine. The weight of the motor is similar to Rotax (66kg) but has slightly better fuel economy. If in doubt, please contact a Sauer owner and ask them about this superb alternative engine. Sprite Aviation recommend Hercules propellers for the Sauer motors. Please speak to us to match the propeller to your exact requirements.

The S2200UL is £7995.00 + VAT and del

The S2400UL is £8550.00 + VAT and del

which includes dual ignition and electric start.